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* Ahmed A, Al-Alawi E, Fatiha B Mahmood H, Sylven D Eye injuries in Bahrain, Middle East Journal of ophthalmology 1994 ; 2:3:75-79

* Al-Alawi E, Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy,
Review The Bulletin of Arab group for study of Diabetes, January 1995;4(1);27-29

* Al-Alawi E, Cutaneous Leishamaniasis of the eye lid (Case report) Middle East Journal of ophthalmology; 1998;6;1;64-67

* Al-Alawi E, Ahmed A, Fatiha B. Causes of Visual Disability At Al-Noor Institute for Blind. Saudi Journal Of Ophthalmology;1998 ; 12; 2
Win the First price in Medical research competition at Bahrain medical society

* Al-Alawi E, Integration of Visually Disabled in Normal school,
Integration of disabled in the community ( Arabic), March 1998

* Al-Alawi E, Childhood Ocular Myasthenia Masquerade as Third nerve palsy (case report). Journal of Bahrain Medical Society 1999; 11; 1

* Al-Yousif N, Al-Alawi E. The Effect of Diclofenac Sodium On Allergic Conjunctivitis. Journal of Bahrain Medical Society 1999;11;2

* Al-Alawi E., Ahmed, A, Fatiha B, Shaker H, Diagnostic Agreement Between Primary Care and Ophthalmologist, Middle East Journal of ophthalmology, 2001;9:2 21:23

* Al-Alawi E, Al- Mannai F, Penetrating Eye Injury Among Children in Bahrain (send for Publication)

* Alawli E, AlBahrana E, Malik A, Al-Shooroqi I, Giant cell Arteritis Case report and literature review (send for publication)

* Ahmed A, Al-Alawi E, Fatiha B, National survey of Causes of Visual Disability in Bahrain supported by International agency for prevention of blindness -Middle East.

Under Publication

* Al-Alawi E, Shabib R, Comparison between Length of stay in cataract surgery between diabetic and non diabetic Patients (Data collection)

* Al-Alawi E, Shaker M, Initial Experience in Screening of Retinopathy of Prematurity , Prospective study (on going Study )
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