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Why Visit Eye Center Arabic (عربي)

When should you visit The Eye Center ?

If you have any one of the following compliant, you will need to visit The Eye Center.

* My eye hurt
* I see a shadow
* My vision suddenly got worse
* My eyelids are crusty
* My eye lid droop
* I feel some thing in my eye
* I see floaters and flashes
* The white part of my eye is red
* My child's eye is crossed or look funny
* My child squints his eyes
* My eyes is dry
* Glare bothers me
* I wear contact lens and I need new ones
* I have high eye pressure
* I see halos around the eye
* I have difficulty seeing in the night
* I have cataract
* I have Diabetes
* I have glaucoma
* I have thyroid problems
* I suffer from Nearsightedness / long-sightedness /Astigmatism
* Are there any low visual aid
* My eyes sensitive to the light
* My central vision is distorted
* To get rid of your eye glasses

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