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Title: Childhood Penetrating Eye Injuries

Authors: Ebtisam Al-Alawi, Fatima Al-Manai

Affiliation: Salmaniya Medical Centre, Bahrain

Aim: Eye injuries is the commonest cause of monocular blindness especially in the developing countries. The purpose of this study was to examine the causes of penetrating eye injuries among children in Bahrain, to evaluate the prognosis in respect to visual outcome, and in the light of results to suggest goals for preventive measures to reduce eye injuries.

Method: Retrospective study of all children who sustained a penetrating eye injury and required hospitalization during the period from 1987 - 1996.

Results: We reviewed the files of 43 children, median age was 9 years, boys out number girls by a ration of 5:1, the commonest cause of injury was due to sharp objects in 41%, and place of injury was at home in 53%. Fourteen (32%) cases resulted in monocular blindness, anterior segment were predominantly involved and the commonest type of injury was corneal in 76%. Primary repair of the laceration was done in 27 cases, cataract surgery was required in 13 patients and vitreous surgery in one case.

Conclusion: Despite the advances in surgical technique prevention is critical in reducing the occurrence of ocular eye morbidity in children.

Presented at Presented at Sixth international Congress of Arab Association of pediatric Surgeons - October 1997
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